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Once upon a time, there was another biker website. It was very popular, however, over time, they became more concerned with making a buck than supporting the biker community. Abuse went unabated, support was impossible to get, and the features were locked in the stone age. Many fled to facebook as the legend crumbled, however facebook was already host to their friends and families. Obviously, not everyone wanted their parents, kids and/or co-workers to share in all aspects of their life.

Out of the ashes, an idea arose. A website for bikers, BY bikers. One that not only served a social purpose, but also as a tool to make riding better, easier and more enjoyable. Someplace where they can share great bike routes, buy and sell gear, and kick back and have some fun. Like the proverbial roadhouse at the end of the ride, Rider's Roadhouse strives to be all that. Talk about the great rides you just finished, find out about upcoming rides, bands and events, and chat with friends, both old and new.

We're not here to be your nannies. Don't trash the place, and you can have all the fun you want. Pretty much the only limitations are you don't get caught doing anything illegal, and no underage or pornographic images or videos (there are other, very real, legal limitations explained much more fully in our terms of service which you accept when you sign up for an account, but that's the short version). Don't piss off the bouncers, and everybody has a good time. If you have problems with someone, take it elsewhere. Block, delete, and move along.

The Rider's Roadhouse is NOT primarily a "dating site". While there's absolutely nothing wrong with meeting the guy/gal of your dreams, your next ol' lady/ol'man, or your next hookup here, that's not our primary purpose, and believe it or not, there ARE some people here who aren't here for that either. Give respect, get respect. No MEANS no (unless you've already worked out another safe word).

While we'll try and assist you with any issues you might have, at the moment this is very much a small mom & pop operation, so responses may not be swift. Bear with it, and hopefully we can take the Roadhouse to the next level where we can actually afford to have someone come in and clean the place occasionally. In the meantime, remember, you break it, you bought it!


The Rider's Roadhouse Staff

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